Prince George Frost Bites Para Ice Hockey weekly program
Everyone welcome! No experience is necessary and all equipment including sledges and personal protective gear are available
Kin 1 Arena – contact us for details and schedule

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Watch para ice hockey in action here Hockey Canada

Formerly known as ‘Sledge Hockey’, for this version of ice hockey players are strapped to a two-bladed sledge. They propel themselves with sticks spiked at one end and curved blades at the other for shooting. Para Ice Hockey rules are very similar to able-bodied hockey with a few sport-specific modifications.

Unique to Para Ice Hockey:

1. There is an additional infraction called teeing, assessed when a player charges
and makes contact with an opponent using any part of the front radius of his
or her sled.
2. Players sit in specially designed sleds (sledges) instead of using skates.
3. Players carry two sticks instead of one. These sticks are approximately
the length of a regular hockey stick and have a different lie. In addition, the
sticks have metal picks on the butt end which are used to propel the players
on the ice.
4. Player benches and penalty boxes are modified so that there is a low entrance to the bench as well as clear plexiglass so that players can see the play while
they are not on the ice. If the arena has not been modified in this manner,
players sit on the ice between the blue line and the red line while not in the play.


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