Prince George Hammerheads Wheelchair Rugby weekly program
Everyone welcome! No experience is necessary and all equipment including sports wheelchairs are available
Northern Sport Centre – contact us for details and schedule

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In this full-contact sport, athletes play in tank-like wheelchairs and hit each others’ chairs in an attempt to carry a ball across the line.

Watch wheelchair rugby in action Wheelchair Rugby Canada

10 Basic Rules of Wheelchair Rugby:

1. Games are four 8-minute quarters.
2. 4 timeouts for each team, plus 1 extra for each overtime played.
3. One point is scored when the goal line is crossed with any two wheels of the ball carrier’s wheelchair with possession of the ball.
4. 10 seconds: Players must dribble or pass or it’s a turnover.
5. 12 seconds: Ball must be advanced over half-court or it’s a turnover.
6. 10 seconds: Ball must be inbounded or it’s a turnover.
7. 40 seconds: Teams must score after the ball is inbounded or it’s a turnover.
8. 10 seconds: Offensive player cannot be in the key longer or it’s a turnover.
9. Only 3 defenders are allowed in the key at one time or it’s a penalty. (There is a penalty box. Generally, players are released when the opposition scores a goal or when one minute served.)
10. Hitting an opposing player’s chair behind the axels (a spin) is a turnover or a penalty.


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